Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

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can you let us reset so we can do that on the old ones

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Despite the illogical workaround to mark canceled / refunded orders fullfilled, I agree with you that canceled / refunded orders are in fact 'unfullfilled'. However, there is one piece of logic that is inarguably incorrect. On the admin home page, we receive a message like the one shown below saying "X orders to fullfill".

This is clearly a flaw, because canceled orders should not be fullfilled.

I do not expect you to change your definition of unfullfilled, but I do expect this logic to be updated so canceled orders are not included in this reporting.

Please listen to your customers and fix obvious mistakes.

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The problem really, philosophically, is that we the users have a need ( which is knowing what our pending obligations are) and are using something that Shopify is techinically intends for something else.

So who's "right"? Well, Shopify is of course, but that's NOT how business works. It's also not how personal relationships work either. It's actually self-absorbed thinking. To a business owner, orders that "have not been fulfillled" is a trivial piece of information, probably best used for a report and ongoing evaluative data. It's probably important in Shopify's mind, but not to a business owner's day-to-day need. That "fifth column" on the Orders page - "Fullfillment status" - just screams out to be used as "what do I need to do further" when actually it's just a piece of factual data. It's theoretical, not pragmatic - and business operations are wholly pragmatic, not theoretical.

I agree most with Amy McWilliams answer, in that we need more fulfilllment status entries so we can use that "fifth column" the way we elect to - not the way Shopify wants us to. To be frank, Shopify is not listening to the customer's need here, and the confusion is Shopify's conflating that with what "Fulfillment status" means in their mind. Shopify;s response is hollow - what to be a good-GREAT business? Be customer-centered - if the customer is telling you "I need something" - DO IT before the day ends, no later. To define what the customer needs on your terms - the height of ignorance, guys.

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Oh, gosh, another thing... the spam we get every day of new fake customers that we have to purge on a every day basis. For me, I get on a every day basis, about 10 "new" customers that always have the same same surname as first name, so every day I delete them. This is the default behavior when someone starts using Shopify. Again, that's a really lousy way to present how your business looks from Day One. Currently I know of no direct solution other than buying an added App that is overkill for the simple problem that exists.

I'm putting this complaint on this thread to again show that Shopify - in certain areas - has a blind spot that they need to serve the customer when it is logical and reasonable to do so, and in these areas it's pretty obvious that it is.

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Hey Shopify!

This issue is one that is so obviously a bug/feature that slipped through testing & QA. 

It is so blindingly obvious that the store mamager (me) should be able to control the order status and select any tag I like for any order I like. It's MY store!!

Your replies to all these CUSTOMERS of yours in this thread, smack of an organisation that just can't be arsed. 

Whether you fix this issue via product support or product marketing - just fix it!!

Why dont you invest the approximately 2 person days of developer effort to modify your code to allow any order to be tagged as any status of the store managers's choosing. Why on earth is that an issue???

Example: A customer ordered something from me via my online store. He came in to my high street store to collect it. Whilst he was waiting, he voluntered to bleed the radiators in the shop as they were clanging and banging like sh*thouse doors. l was grateful for this and as a result of his kind efforts, I decided NOT to charge for his order which he took it away FOC. It is sat there in my list of orders as unfulflled for eternity. 

So tell me again Mr Nicholas O' Fegan why you're so much cleverer than the rest of us and why you won't just fix what is such an easy fix issue.

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Adding my voice to this one.  I need to know what orders I have outstanding to deal with on a daily basis.  A refunded order should not count as an unfulfilled order.  If the customer has said they want a refund, then refunding it is fulfilling the requirements of that order.  It shouldn't then be marked as unfulfilled and giving me a notification that there is an order to deal with.   And fulfilling the order before refunding it is just confusing for the customer.  They're going to get an email saying we've sent it when we haven't, followed by a refund notification.  They don't need the fulfillment email.  And that workaround, doesn't help me now that I've already refunded an order without fulfilling it.  I've tried archiving it but that doesn't seem to do anything other than apply and archived tag to it.

It's clearly not working for people as it stands and needs to be revisited.

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Also adding my voice to this ticket which has more than year and half to fix.



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Created an eCommerce University account just to comment on this post.

There are at least 3 locations where these refunded, unfulfilled orders are presented as work that still needs to be done. 

  • Shopify Admin - next to orders in the blue bubble 
  • Shopify Mobile - "X orders to fulfill" on home page 
  • Shopify Mobile - as an unread notification on the app icon 

If you pride yourself on good shop management, seeing this is like a slap in the face and my shop OCD can't take it.

If all items in an order have either been shipped or refunded, then there's nothing left to do on the order and it should NOT appear in any of these places.

You need to give us the ability to screen these types of orders out so we can get a clear picture of the orders that need actual fulfillment.

I have plenty of examples of this in my shop if you need actual data when coming up with a solution.  Please contact me.

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Adding my name to the list of disgruntled users.

I strongly agree with Dana. If fulfillment is going to be used for orders that were not physically shipped, you need to add another metric that allows us to see what orders need to be shipped. Currently, the only way I know how to do that is with fulfilled vs. unfulfilled and clearly that is how Shopify wants us to use it if you reference the three areas Dana mentioned above. If that is mandatory for something on your (Shopify's) end, then you HAVE to add a new variable that lets the users know whether they have orders that need to be addressed or not. 

I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but I am so tired of looking at Shopify and seeing that I have something to do (according to the app and the orders page) that I'm seriously considering switching services. I don't know what else your customers are supposed to do when there is no other feature currently available that readily shows them what (if anything) needs to be done.

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Also Nick, why would you suggest to mark the order fulfilled before refunding it, then say in another post that it is used for other purposes and should not be marked fulfilled if you didn't ship anything. This really does need to get addressed properly.