Refunded order still partially fulfilled

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I had a customer order a few products from me and shortly afterward asking if he could remove one of the items from the order. This was simple enough to do and after refunding the money I packaged up the order and sent it off. 

However, it is still showing up as partially fulfilled rather than fulfilled. The Fulfill status seems to recognise the partial refund as me breaking the order into seperate despatches so is still showing up as an order to be fully fullfilled.

How do I mark the order as completely fulfilled?



Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there Rob!

Genevieve from Shopify here :) 

That's a really good point. Just to clarify for anyone else reading - if a customer wants a specific line item removed from an order, or you can't fulfill the whole order for whatever reason, you can process a partial refund of the order following this guide:

However, even when you fulfill the rest of the items in the order, the order will show as only partially fullfilled in your order listing:

While this is technically correct, as the original order will only ever be partially fulfilled, I can certainly see how it could cause confusion for staff members. Ideally there would be two separate fulfilment statuses here: a gray "partially fulfilled, no action required" status, and an orange "partially fulfilled, awaiting further fulfillment" status. 

There is a feature request with our developers at the moment to allow for manual overrides of the fulfillment status of orders, so I will add your store and this example to that request. 

In the meantime, you can archive orders like these to indicate to yourself and other staff members that no further action is necessary:

Hope that helps! 

Genevieve S.

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Hi Genevieve

Is there any update on this feature as it is causing us problems? When we process a large number of orders we select all the unfulfilled orders by filtering them using the "Select all unfulfilled orders" tab on the order page. This however will still pick up ANY partially fulfilled order even if they have been archived. This means that members of staff are inadvertantly processing orders which are already fulfileld as far as the customer is concerned.

Many thanks


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I have to agree... this is an issue. I've been trying to figure this out for a while, not knowing there was no solution to it. So, these orders will just be in the unfufullfilled tab for the rest of our lives? That doesn't seem acceptable.

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Any update? This needs to be addressed. 

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Any update? This needs to be addressed. 

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I am having this exact same problem and find it very frustrating. 

Are there any updates on expected date for this feature.

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Ah, just discovered this topic thread.  I just encountered the same issue and sent an email to shopify support about it.  I also created a new thread here because I hadn't seen this one yet.  So count me in!

BTW, I don't know what Shopify is already doing in terms of a solution but it looks to me like we need a different status for orders.  The fulfilled/unfulfilled makes sense.  I think what's wrong is that the system is using that to also indicate whether an order is open or closed.  In my case, I refunded a partial order so it makes sense for it to say unfulfilled (or more precise:  partially fulfilled), but it should also say "closed"! 

On a slight tangent, it looks like the blue dot indicating a new order has come in is tied to the payment status.  Now that I have an order marked as partially refunded, my blue dot won't go away.  That's just dumb. The blue dot should be tied to the order status (open/closed), NOT to the payment status.  Or if you do tie it to the payment status, refund should not count the same as unpaid.

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I have a similar but slightly different issue that has resulted in the same outcome, not being able to mark an order fulfilled.

The Payment Status shows as Partially Refunded  and the fulfillment status as Unfulfilled

We had a customer place an order for a single item but they messed up the discount code so it was not applied.
We did a partial refund for the discount which was fine but now the order shows as "unfulfilled" and there is no longer a button to fulfill the order.
I even tried using the bulk actions and the message says 1 item fulfilled but the order status stays as Unfulfilled.

Definitely something that needs to be fixed, especially when you look at how old this thread is and how long people have been complaining about this issue.

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I was first exporting always the "unfulfilled" ones, but apparently this can be solved.

Just archive the orders you have either fulfilled or rejected based upon whatever criteria.

Then use the Open status for the orders that still need some love.

Combine it with paid to get a proper list to export: