Refunding a store credit back into the original credit card? -- HELP!

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My client asked for a store credit for a return he made, but then changed his mind a week later and decided to get the money back. The problem is he paid by credit card (cash or debit would have been no problem). However since I am using Shopify's gateway, how can I reverse the "store credit refund".

Please help me these clients are being very tough to deal with and if I can't find a solution I will just get them to sign a receipt stating they received an email refund and will not chargeback or try to use the store credit.



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Anthony!

I'm Daryoush - on the super wonderful Guru team! :)

I have moved your post to the "Payments, Shipping & Fulfillment" forum.

I can definitely understand the sensitivity of the situation here. If I may ask, how did you issue a store credit to the customer assuming it's a POS order? When it comes to store credit, it's actually not linked to any customer accounts, rather it's added to a giant pool of store credit that can be used by any customer. When it comes to store credits for specific customer accounts, we always recommend issuing a free digital gift card if your store is on the "Shopify" plan or higher. In this case, since the customer is asking for their money back, the best solution would be to manually send them the funds outside of Shopify, for example, to the customer's PayPal account or e-transfer.

I hope this helps and have a lovely weekend!