Reliable Fulfillment in China

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Hey guys,


I am looking for a new fulfillment company in China.
I am shipping worldwide and the production factory is in Shenzhen.
I have been working with SPNS Logistics for the last year, I must be honest that SPNS is fast on shipping.
The problem is that we have a contract with them, but is like we do not have any contract. The owner of the warehouse has such a temper that if you don´t things he wants, although you did make agreements, he starts to offend you and your company and uses the safety of your storage as a threat against you, to pressure you to do what he wants.

Maybe some of you have already been through this situation not feeling safe in keeping your goods in a warehouse, so I am looking for a reliable fulfillment company close to Shenzhen.


If you have any good experiences with other fulfillment companies I would be very thankful if you could suggest some fulfillment companies in China.

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I do not have a Chinese 3PL for you. However, one idea is to ship in bulk to a US fulfillment center like OTW Shipping so your shipping times are 1-3 days to the US. They also do international shipping! No minimums and great rates. You can choose which countries you want your Chinese fulfillment partner to ship to and which countries you want OTW Shipping to ship to.

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Hello there,
Try also the Fulfillmen company, which is based in China. They are presently one of the leading warehouse management companies in China. They can help you with the shipping job. They also used an API system to ensure no room for mistakes, and you can update and track your shipment anytime. They will provide you with a unique ID and a password to sign in so that you can directly manage, automate, and streamline order processing for your own businesses. They are offering 3-6 days delivery performance, but due to pandemic, expect it to 4-8 days delivery.
And if you are a new client, they are offering certain MOQ.

Here is their website:
or you can email them: