Remove the Express Checkout buttons from first Checkout Page without going through the cart page

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I've recently enabled Paypal as a payment option in my shop. It works fine, but now I have this Paypal button on the first page of my checkout. This button seems to be a conversion killer, since visitors don't see my other payment options and think they can only pay with Paypal. We're based in The Netherlands and Paypal is not very popular here. 

I reached out to support and the agent very patiently helped me with this issue. The solution she proposed was adding the express checkout buttons to the cart page and then hiding it with CSS, as described in this thread. The 'solution' (a.k.a. workaround) works as long as my visitors go through the cart page.. but they don't! 

My theme is setup to show a popup as a cart and then go immediately to the checkout. Visitors skip the cart page, so this solution does not work.

I'm wondering if there is another way to disable the express checkout buttons in the checkout. If not, please treat this thread as a feature request for a 'Disable express checkout buttons' checkbox in the checkout settings. 


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I don't have an answer, but do have the same issue, so hoping there's a way to make this change! (Especially for someone not programmer-savy). Thanks!