Request to have the option to deactivate Customer Notifications

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I use Mailchimp as my email service provider and they recently added a feature that allows you to create Order Notification emails (you can choose to send an order confirmation email, shipping confirmation email, order invoice email, cancellation confirmation email and a refund confirmation email).

I'm able to edit these emails and make them look really good, with images and branded colors, my logo and you can even see images of the product(s) the customer purchased (with the Shopify Customer Notification emails there's none of that, just plain text).

Let's compare.
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I've enabled my Mailchimp Order Notification emails to run but now my customers are getting emails from both platforms (2 order notification emails, 2 shipping confirmations emails, etc.).  

I would love the option to deactivate the Shopify Customer Notification emails. I understand that customers MUST get these emails and if Shopify gives the option for us to turn them off then we run a chance of customers not getting them if the store owner doesn't activate order notifications from a third party platform, like Mailchimp.

I suppose the only options are for Shopify to incorporate Mailchimp Order Notifications or Shopify gives us the ability to edit our Customer Notification emails to look as good as the Mailchimp notification emails.

I'd love some thoughts on this, maybe if there's enough of us requesting it Shopify will take notice.

Learn more about Mailchimp Order Notification emails (yes, you get them with the free account):

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Hi Brittany, 


I am not sure if this answers your question, but I have found this link that may help:


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Hey Jessica,

Thanks for sharing this resource. I do notice that you still can't turn off the Shopify Order Confirmation emails so Mailchimp recommends you turn those off within the Mailchimp platform. I really would rather send the beautifully designed Mailchimp version over the Shopify plain text version.

The Order Invocie email is something Shopify does not send but Mailchimp does, but this only applies if the customer pays using a third party service, like PayPal, which in my case is rare.

The Shipping Confirmation email can be disabled withing the Shopify platform, but you have to do so per order when you're printing the labels. Which is a bit of a pain as you have to remember to do this, but it's still better than not being able to diable it.

The same is true for the Refund or Cancelation Confirmation emails, you have to remember to turn those off on an order by order basis. But I rarely get refunds (knock on wood) so that one isn't as important to me as the Order and Shipping Confimation emails.

Hopefully this will be an option in the future and hopefully my customers won't mind getting two Order Confirmation emails.

I appreciate it! 

Brittany Witt
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Other issues include:

  • Use of liquid and access to the Shopify platform's data for conditional content (in Shopify notifications)
  • Better tracking of opens and clicks, and use of that data for segmentation (in email-platform notifications)

Each has ups and downs.  I'd like to include order-notification emails and other transactional emails in the data for segmentation in Bronto (our email platform), but I need to use liquid conditional content, too.

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Hi Brittany,

Though there are some notifications that can't be turned off, there are some that you can disable in the Settings for your entire account.

Go to Settings, and select Checkout: 

Then scroll to the Order Processing section and go to the section called "After an order has been paid."

There, you can de-select "Notify customers of their shipment."

Then, you can use your Mailchimp notifications instead.

As a third party fulfillment center, our software notifies customers of theri shipments and tracking info, etc. (don't worry, we make it optional!) and some of our customers choose to use our notifications instead of Shopify's, so this is a solution that seems to work for them.

Good luck!


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