Restrict shipping by zip code & offer "Rush" shipping (additional cost)

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I have integrated the Zapiet store pickup + delivery app to handle restricting delivery area by zipcode.


Currently: Offering shipping, flat $15 delivery fee restricted to an area.


I want to be able to also offer Same Day delivery for $35 flat fee, within that zip code restricted area.


I already reached out to Zapiet and they said it is not possible for them. Any alternatives? 

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Hello Cliff,


Sid here from Shipping Rates by ZipCode app, and happy to help you.

As per your requirement, it is possible with our app, you can set rate for specific zipcodes and create another rate with same zipcode with exclude settings. And this second rate( Flat $35) will available for restricted area.



You can use  Shipping Rates by ZipCode app with zipcode of exact match(1111,2222,3333) or starts with(11*,22*) or range based(1100=1199,2200=2250), As well as you can set rates based on each product or cart's weight or price or quantity. It allow you to rates for Include or Exclude selected zipcodes.

Happy to go over a quick call to give you a demo walk through. You can book demo meeting here:

Skype: siddhu.kevadiya