Restrict use of voucher when order qualifies for free shipping

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Hi there,


I would like to implement free shipping for orders over a set value, e.g. shipping becomes free when the customer adds £100 or more to the shopping card. This is all straight forward and I don't require help setting it up



  • Is there a way to restrict the use of vouchers for customers that are getting free shipping?


  • Is it possible to allow the customer to pick whether they want free shipping or use a voucher?





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Hey @ncooney,

Shipping and discount codes are an unfortunate pain point. This is because a customer enters their shipping address first, and then the option to add a coupon code is the page after this. With your current configuration, a customer will still be able to use a coupon code after qualifying for free shipping.

Something that may be a decent workaround is creating two coupons: one for free shipping, and another for a discount on the order (the coupon you already have). Because you can't stack coupon codes with Shopify, this leaves your customers the option of either getting free shipping over £100 or using your current discount code. 

I hope this helps!

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