Returns: I want to offer a coupon code for future purchases. BASIC SHOPIFY PLAN

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I am now starting my e-hop and I plan to accept returns by only offering store credit in the form of a single-use coupon code. I am not sure though how I am going to tell the system that this particular item has actually been returned, to remove it from total sales and to then decide if I want it back into my inventory.

What happens if you offer store credit but you don’t complete the next purchase for the exchange, where does it go? If the customer doesn't see it, can I issue store credit and then offer them a coupon code via email that they will then be able to use on future purchases? This is what I want to do but I don’t know if it is possible.

Please let me know your recommendations, I need a solution that will (1) allow me to not return any cash and (2) allow me to stay on the basic plan without the need for upgrade.

Thank you