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We are currently having a sale at our store. To set the sale up online, we've added a "compare at price" to all the products that we want marked on sale. On our website this works well, and the sale items all get a sale tag with the previous price crossed out and the new one showing up. The problem is that in our physical store this information doesn't show up on the POS or on the receipts for the customers. Our customers would really like to be able to see that they got a discount on their receipts and our sales associates would really like to be able to tell if an item is discounted on the POS screen.  Any way to do this? We can't just do the discount at check out because we want the same items marked on sale on the website that we have in the store. Also it would be a pain to manually enter every sale item at a different discount rate when checking someone out in person.

Thanks, Anne

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Christine here from the Shopify Guru team - thanks for your question.

Yes, you are correct on the Shopify POS system the compare at price is not displayed in the app or on the receipt. The reason for this is that the Shopify POS system is designed to be more of a merchant facing platform. Meaning it is not designed for the customer to use themselves in most cases, therefore displaying the sale price on the POS may not always be necessary. 

One thing you could try so that the discount would appear on the receipt would be to apply the discount to the product in the checkout process on the Shopify POS instead of having it already applied to the product. You can do this by duplicating products and have different products in your admin for online and POS channels. You can change the visibility of each product so that they only appear on either the online or point of sale channels.

Your idea is a great one, though! We have something called an “Epic Want List”. The Epic Want List is our way of compiling fantastic improvement ideas from our merchants. Since your idea is so great, I am going to go ahead and add it to our list. What better way to improve your store experience than hearing these great ideas from our merchants. Thanks for your awesome suggestion!

Hope that helps! Let us know if you need anything else. We are just a click away :)

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Hi there,


We are wondering if there has ever been an update to this issue.  When a customer is trying to return an item, it is difficult for our staff to know if the item was purchased at the sale price or original price.  This leads to our policy of no returns on sale items potentially not being followed.  If our sales associates can't see the item was on sale, it is very easy to make a mistake and allow the customer to return the item.  Thank you.

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I agree - this seems like it is an obvious next step. 


Please let us know!