SHIPPING: How to calculate shipping when customer orders multiple items?

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I sell miniatures of varied sizes. Each miniature is individually packaged in boxes ranging from 2x2x2 to 4x4x4. I know the weights of each of these items in their packaging individually. When I ship them I put them, packaging and all, in a separate shipping box.

My question is, if a customer orders more than 1 miniature and their order requires a larger size shipping box, how do I set it up to figure this out and reflect this information so I can give the customer an accurate shipping estimate at check out? I know that weight is the biggest factor, but I also know that dimensions matter as well.

For the record. My store is in the US and the vast majority of our customer base happens to be in the UK.

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your kindness and for your time.

- Obscura

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Hi, @Obscura


I’m Helen from Shopify Support. This is a great question. 


As you’ve noticed, only one default package size can be set on your store, which is reflected at the checkout for any order that is placed. If you are using Shopify Shipping, you can change the packaging size when you purchase the shipping label, however as you have identified, this creates an inaccurate rate for either you or your customer. 


To account for different package sizes, I recommend using a third party app like Boxify or Bespoke Shipping. These apps enable you to set package sizes based on what the customer adds to their cart, and have the shipping price reflect it at the checkout, thus avoiding any shipping rate discrepancies. 


For specific questions about the functionality or set up of these apps, please reach out to the app developer directly. They will be your best resource. As well, both of these apps have a free trial period, so I encourage you to add them to your store to determine if they will work as needed for your business. Uninstalling the app before the trial expires will ensure that you do not get charged for it. 


Lastly, please know that to use a shipping app, the Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) feature needs to be enabled on your store. There are three ways that you can add it:



If you do decide to use an app and need CCS activated, please let me know, and I can get that sorted out for you. Alternatively, you can contact live support to have a Guru turn it on for you.


Hope this helps!

Helen | Social Care @ Shopify
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You can also check out Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that helps you automate the packaging process based on the product weight & dimensions. You can add custom boxes based on the product dimensions and the app automatically chooses the box based on the customer order and calculate the rates based on this. Also, the app lets you automate the shipping process as well.

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