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I am new to Shopify and am troubled by a significant issues regarding generating shipping rates.  What I sell are stamps for stamp collectors and investors.  I have applied basic shipping rates for the global shipping areas.  However, the problem is this.  The cost of individual items can be relatively small so a potential customer may wish to purchase several items.  Further, (as you can understand) the weight of each individual stamp is very small.  Consequently, when the customer gets to checkout they may well have bought ten items at an individual price of $5.00 and be given a shipping cost of $30.00  This does not reflect actual shipping costs correctly because all of the items would go into a standard business envelope and not be overweight.  Hence my issue.  Should I base shipping rates upon weight, which would not be easy to do; or is there an alternate approach.  If I do decide to charge by weight does Shopify combine the weight of all items ordered before applying shipping costs, or does it apply shipping costs to each individual item.  I am certain that there are many stores out there that offer a multiple of light weight items so I do not think my issue is unknown.


Any advice you can give regarding this issue will be most appreciated


Thank you.

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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. It sounds like grouping them by weight might indeed be the best solution for you. We add up all the weights on checkout to determine which rate applies. You could also set up price-based rates, so the more someone spends, the greater the shipping cost. Because your products are effectively weightless, and you won't ever need to use larger packaging, why not have a set shipping price, regardless of order size per shipping zone? I'd have to understand your product and your shipping process a little more to make a full recommendation. 


Currently, it sounds like you are charging shipping per product, which definitely isn't ideal. Have a look through our shipping documentation in our help center, it details the different methods of setting up your shipping. 



Cal | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @robert34 ,

Shopify calculated shipping rates use grams as base units. Meaning you can set up your weight ranges as small as 1 gram. 

But I would suggest setting up Flat Rate shipping since your weight won't differ a lot from order to order. You might consider using destination country as the main and probably only criteria. 

Please have a look at my instruction on setting up weight and country based rates: 

Good luck!