STORE CREDITS - How to issue credits to a customer account

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I have a children's clothing consignment store. I need to issue store credits to customers who submit clothing to my store (essentially, I am buying their clothing). There MUST be a better way to do this other than to issue gift cards. Gift cards are basically promo code issue to a particular person, but the customers cannot a) see their balance, or b) see their gift card codes if they lose their email containing this info.

Many ecommerce platforms support this basic feature because so many online retail stores need this functionality. With Shopify, what is the workaround for this? How can I issue store credits directly into a customer's account so that they can a) see their credit amount, and b) have that amount automatically deducted without any action on the customer's part?


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Hi Liane,

You will need some accounting structure to accomplish this.  Shopify is an excellent e-commerce storefront, but is not (and shouldn't be) designed to carry the back office load as well.

One issue is ownership of the garments - who owns the clothes, and when does the transfer take place? This has accounting implications, you either purchase the goods for sale, or you act as a sales agent on behalf of the owner.

This would be the first step in setting up a back office mechanism to deal with the issue.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact me through Linked In

Thanks, Ray


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Hey Liane,
Were you able to setup a system that does a credit system for you? They're a lot of nuances in consignment business thats hard to make work with Shopify. 
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