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I have a question please, if a customer didn't get his delivery and makes a complaint in justice, who will be pursied ? The owner of the domain or the owner of the payments gateway?

 I own a shopify store with an associate who is living in France (I'm living in Spain).

He is the creator of the store, and the store is linked to his paypal and stripe account, but to my domain.

We had about 10 sells (200$) and he is my associate who was supposed to make the purchases from aliexpress but he did nothing. (Dropshiping store)

Who will be pursued in justice if those customers make a complaint? Me or my associate? Thank you.

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You are both liable for this store, since both have ownership of key parts of the store. I would start pursuing legal action against the associate who didn't fulfill the orders, since he was able to receive the money. 


I would also see if you can refund these customers before it becomes an issue. Refunds will come out of the paypal and stripe account unless he has severed the connection. I would refund, then close the store down, unless you can find a way to fulfill the orders and remove the associate who isn't doing the work. 


Good luck!