See all orders and order details in list format? Need to bulk "Mark as Shipped" without labels.

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I process orders differently than most people. I sometimes get a very large number of orders at a time (500-900 in a weekend), which are shipped using just a stamp. In order to process them quickly, I need to see all orders in a list format with their shipping address, what they ordered (including variations), and shipping method. I don't want to have to click on each order to open it up. I also need to be able to check a bunch of them off at a time and mark them all as shipped (without a label). Does anybody know an app that can do this?? The closest I've found is OrderlyPrint, but it's a little quirky. I tried ShippingEasy and didn't like it, and Shipstation would be more than I'm willing to pay a month. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hey, Katie!

I hope I am not too late to tell that the Excelify app ( can do just that.

Here is the precise Tutorial with the video for what you just asked:

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