Selecting Local Pickup for Draft Invoices emailed to Customer

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Most of our Shopify sales begin with a draft invoice we create and email to customers.  We offer local pickup as well as shipping.  In the past we have used a custom free shipping option titled "Local Pickup".  Now we are trying to use the (new?) built-in Local Pickup feature, but we can't select that for draft invoices before sending to the customer.  So we can just not add shipping charges, but when the customer opens the invoice, the default option that comes up is UPS or USPS shipping (not Local Pickup).  So customers are asking why we are adding shipping charges when they always are local pickup customers.  Yes, they may be able to switch to Local Pickup during the checkout process, but that's not the point.  

We should be able to simply select Local Pickup before sending the invoice to the customer.  Am I missing something?

Yes, Local Pickup is enabled for the store.  We have only one location.