Selling private label and dropshipment

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Hi all!

So i've been thinking on this issue for a while and looking into possible solutions. But i was wondering and got the advice from the shopify help centre to try the community here aswell.

I have a webshop with a dropship supplier from the Netherlands. My shop is based from Belgium and i only ship to these two countries at the moment. The products i sell are all dropship products.

Now i am in the proces of creating a private label dog/cat harness and i want to ship this internationally. Offcourse the issue is that i can only sell this harness for worldwide shipping. The other products are only to be shipped locally...

How can i set this up best in my shop?

So international customers can only buy the private label stuff. But the local customers can buy it all. But since i have to pay double shipping costs whats the best solution to maximize my profit without charging my customer an excessive amount of shipping cost?

Sorry for the complicated question but i hope there are some people with a similar shop and a almost identical problem.

Have a great day everyone and good luck with your business!

Thanks in advance