Send Shipping Confirmation Email Manually

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By fulfilling one of my orders I deactivated to send a shipping confirmation email beacause I wanted to send it later. 

Now I dont find the button to send the Shipping Confirmation Email. Can anybody help me?


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Hi JB!

Diana here from the Shopify Support Team.

If your products are just being manually fulfilled and shipped by you, you can cancel a fulfillment and then re-fulfill the order. In the order itself, you can click on the "More" option and choose to cancel the original fulfillment:

Once the original fulfillment is cancelled, you can then re-fulfill the order by clicking "Continue" in the Buy Postage and Ship Order section, where you will then have the option to re-send the shipping notification:

If you're using a fulfillment service, or simply don't want to cancel your original fulfillment, you may want to consider adding tracking information to the fulfillment by clicking the "Add tracking" button in the Fulfillments section, as that will allow you to send a (slightly different) shipping notification email to the customer, but it will get the point across that their item is on its way.

Hopefully that helps! :)

Diana | Shopify Guru ~ Contact Shopify 24/7 at!
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Hi, I have already fulfilled an order (I do all mine manually) but did not click the send notification box. This never use to be unticked but now I have to tick it every time for some reason ??

I want to send an order fulfilled notification but I cannot see the options you mention above or find any other way even after un-archiving the order.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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You have to click on the orders page to cancel fulfillment, then redo the fulfillment process within the order. 

Here's how you can set up a custom fulfillment option for this:

Also, when manual fulfillment gets to be too much you can automate this process for free with the pick pack ship system

Hopefully that helps