Send me the invoice when a new order is made

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Hi all! 


This is my first post so take it easy!


I would like to have an email send to my private address whenever someone makes a purchase. That way I can save the invoice in my records.


I'm currently using Invoice Falcon to add the link to invoices to the confirmation email. I would like to have that invoice send to me as well.

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I personally don't use Invoice falcon, but if you go into your orders on shopify, there is likely an option under "more actions" drop down to grab the invoice for every order at will (there is on order printer pro).   It looks like you can also add your personal email as a BCC so that you get to your email with each order. (see pic below).


If you are just starting out, you will find that many of that apps you use for free, start to come at a price to get features you want (so this BCC option may be free, or you may need a certain plan).  


Holding off paying until you are cash flow positive and start feeling pain from capabilities you don't have--except for something that helps you scale reviews, IMO. 

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