Sending Labels to Vendor without knowing dimensions?

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Hi all,


We have been struggling with for a while.  Our primary vendor, who processes and fulfills, is wanting us to send them a prepaid labels for all our order due to the volume being so high.  Our items are expensive so we get hounded for tracking numbers.  So we want to try and use built in shopify options or a plugin that will engage all the automation for tracking numbers and such.


There are 2 big hurdles in our workflow.... 1st) our items are all made to order, so we never know the box size the shipment will go in.  Weight we can get close, but there are various amounts of packing that makes exact weight tough.  2nd)  Our vendor also has a retail division, so we cannot let them see our have access to our customer emails.  


I am not sure how to send labels through shopify (or another software/app) without knowing box sizes.  And if you send link from shopify or something like shipstation, then our vendor will see our customer email data making it way to easy to market to them.


I know companies send labels for their shipments everyday, so there has to be someway to make this work.  We cannot figure it out.  We charge a flat rate for shipping options, so I just need to get labels to vendor to go along with our orders without letting them see our emails.....


Someone Please Help!  With close to 200 boxes a week shipping, all the tracking and now our vendors need to have us handle shipping labels is killing us.