Sendle Integration and creation of Shipping labels

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Hi All,


I have been using Sendle for the past few months on its own and found it very good (im in Australia). I have now got it integrated with Shopify so i can create shipping labels directly in Shopify and have been doing so the past month. Shopify also offers a discount on Sendles standard pricing.

Over the past week though, the options that Sendle gives for shipping have reduced and the prices become more expensive the previously. This is through Shopify only. The standard sizes and prices remain the same on Sendle.


A single product of 100g that i would usually send in a satchel is $6.95 on Sendle

The same product on Sendle via Shopify is $5.29

The past week though, this option is not there on Shopify and I am being offered the next shipping option up. This is unnecessary and also more costly than just reverting back to the original method of using Sendle. 

I cant find anything to explain what has happened. Is there something I can do to force the options I want in Shopify? Ive tried altering weights of items to no avail. 


Thanks in Advance, TFN