Set up sells for 3 different territories based on 3 different isolated price lists/currencies

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This is my shop My company is in Sweden.


Last year I was selling in Sweden and in Norway for SEK,


For coming season I want to:
- sell in Sweden, Norway and countries of European Union (except Sweden)
- use 3 different pricelists:
1. For delivery in Sweden in SEK, VAT and freight included
2. For delivery in Norway in NOK, VAT, customs clearance and freight included
3. For delivery in EU - in Euro, VAT, and freight included
These 3 pricelists are based on different handling costs and different freight costs, so these pricelists are isolated from each other, no currency conversion between the pricelists.


I use Mondido checkout. I already asked Mondido and they are is ready to make checkout in 3 different currencies.


I need to adjust Shopify for this, so the customer can choose where the order will be shipped (currency comes along) -, order items, checkout, and pay.


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