Setting up Shopify Return Service Shipping

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Hi, our companies situation is unique. We are a manufacturer where many of our sold units come into our facility for service. Our service is one of the products we sell. Our product requires a recharge every 1 to 2 years or part replacement. So I recently have been updating the company and moving them to Shopify. We just haven't found what would be the best solution for processing incoming shipments. Because the shipping isn't technically "Returns", some of the apps on the market charge a fee for processing each return.  We send each unit back to the customer. It works like a warranty, where we charge low-cost fees for the service or replacement of our units. Is there any solution for customers purchasing services, but needing to ship their product inbound to our company? Is there any way we can have the "From" and "To" address reversed in the shipping calculations? Only for our "Service Orders" or an easy way to automate return shipping labels for our customers? That way they can get on our website print them with ease and place a service order? Right now we are using the apps "ReConvert" to direct an order to the "Returns Management Systems" app, which works in conjunction with "Shippo". Just seems like a lot of extra obstacles. Anything easier? please let me know.