ShipBob and ShipMonk

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We're looking to test one SKU with a 3PL and have thought about shipbob and shipmonk. Would you recommend either one or another 3PL? We've seen good and bad reviews on both, so we'd love any advice from other entrepreneurs, small businesses, etc. 

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Hope you're able to find the right partner. I'm the founder of Atomix Logistics and would love to speak with you about a fulfillment partnership. We designed a micro-warehouse model within our fulfillment center, which essentially means each brand has its own warehouse space (as opposed to being a part of hundreds of other brands) with a dedicated team member and further supported through direct communication via slack to each business unit (warehouse, support, billing). We work with a limited amount of brands to ensure quality and a simplified process, but only if it makes sense for your product and our operations. Happy to connect to see if we're the right fit for each other!

Best of luck growing your fabric spray brand that is introducing consumers to the secrets from Japan.

- Austin Kreinz