ShipRush part ship does NOT sync to Shopify

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We've integrated our Shopify store with ShipRush and when we process a shipment in ShipRush it marks the order fulfilled and emails the customer just like it is supposed to EXCEPT, if one of the items they ordered is NOT shipping because it is on backorder and we make that change in ShipRush, when we log into Shopify it shows that the ENTIRE order shipped, not just a part of it. Why is that? Is there something we are doing wrong? Is there anyway to fix this?

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We apologize for the trouble.  It is correct that, currently, when processing a Shopify order in ShipRush it is set to mark the entire associated order as Shipped.  I've opened up case 76492 for adding a partial order fulfillment option, as a new feature request.


For questions about updates on that case, or if there is anything else we can assist with, I highly suggest using our direct support avenues for the quickest response:



Phone: (206)-812-7874 x 1 - Available 8:30-5:00 PST.

Chat: (click the tab in the bottom right) - Available 5:00a-5:00p PST.  


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