Shipping Art Rate & How?


So we have decided to begin offering our pieces of art on our website, but trying to figure out shipping.  


The issue we are having is how to deal with the size of paintings and make sure shipping is accurate.  One of our paintings weighs about 7 - 10 pounds and we typically crate these to ship which brings the total weight to 32 - 38 pounds.  


In the past we would take the crate to Fed-ex or UPS direct and off it went.  The issue was the rate was always different as these crates are built for each piece.  


Anyone else dealing with this type of issue and figured it out?  I am ready to launch the collection, but have no clue how to deal with shipping so it is in a holding pattern.  Please let me know!

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I am assuming each painting will go a piece. So each painting needs a box to be shipped with. These boxes will usually be long and will have to carry a weight of around 32-28 pounds which is quite decent. With Shopify's integrated shipping there may be a little challenge as apart from the weight, your paintings have substantial length and dimensions. For this purpose, you need a solution that would take into account the dimensions of the painting as well as the weight and then calculate the shipping cost. With the Multi Carrier Shipping label app, this calculation will be very easy and accurate. Moreover, shipping 32-38 pounds with the app is no big deal.

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