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To  be completely honest your answer is not a solution at all. It is a diversion away from actually helping anyone.

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Yeah, the entire thing is absolutely maddening. I didn't realize the extent
big this issue until after countless hours and expenses setting up my shop.
I didn't understand why the dimensional wright mattered so much, or that
the request to fix it has blatantly been ignored by Shopify for more years
than makes any sense at this point. I would have run far and fast and never
looked back if I had understood, buy work flow hasn't allowed me a break to
find another platform let alone build another site. It's very frustrating.

I am using Boxify as an app, which is very expensive and tedious to use,
but I do have it *mostly* functional at this point after lots and lots of
trial and error.

I am half convinced that Shopify just owns the 3rd party apps for
dimensional shipping and is directing us all to them as a way to get
another $20-80/month without having to look like they raised their prices.
But what do I know.

I hope that helps! Sorry you are in this situation too.
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I have to admit that with the help of Plug-in Hive support I was finally able to get the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app functional. Their support team did behind the scenes updates to the plug-in to get it to work correctly with USPS rates and box sizes. It's a bit cumbersome using cm/kg for packages, and inches/pounds for products, but attention to detail is always important.

It's the least expensive for the service provided. The site will go live in a few days and I'll report back how well it works. It was a bit of a challenge getting it all working, but it seems like a doable alternative until Shopify incorporates this feature into the basic system functionality.

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Hi @ZebraGraphicsNY,

Great to know that the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app helped you solve the issue regarding USPS rates and dimensional shipping. Waiting for your store to go live and see how well things work together!

Also, please feel free to contact our support in case you face any issues with setting up the app.

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As a new shopify owner, I just ran into this issue today and realized this has been an issue for years!   No progress at all?  

Extremely concerning...

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details on work arounds found?


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Hey Richard (what a small world)!  How are you handling the shipping fee for yourchocolates?  I've been told to use the average approach.  But I'm not sure if I like this approach. 

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I'm now curious.  Shopify has categorized this issue as solved.  While I know Shopify staff has come in and shared their opinion on this, nothing has really changed.  I wonder if it's more impactful to create a new issue/order?

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Hi everyone, 

To share an update on this topic. There is no change or update on this feature request currently, but our development team are aware of what is being asked and are thinking about/looking into solutions for it. We will be sure to share an update on this when there is one.

If we can avoid speculation, and provide constructive feedback that would be great! And as mention the moment there is more to share we’ll be sure to update this topic.

Thanks, Nick

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Thanks for the update Nick. 

All I ask is you keep the developers who made the new Live View away from thia project. We don't need them screwing up anything else. That thing is a complete dumpster fire.