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Nick, It's nice to hear from the moderation team on this though I'm
not sure if i'm speaking for anyone else here, but "Thinking about" and
"looking into" are terms that are used when a project is being brushed off.
This is not an acceptable answer for an issue/feature that has been being
asked about for almost 6 years. We need something more concrete than
phrasing that is used to push something off. Can you get this for us? we
can make all the noise we want here but it wont do any good unless someone
listens or if we can get someone to help make them listen.


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Unfortunately Nick, that's not a very helpful explanation. 

Particularly where this is an obvious pain point for more than just a few of us.

The response seems more like a brush off.

Truly disappointing.  

This problem isn't going away.

What will likely go away are YOUR customers tired of this issue costing them real money.



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I was excited to see this topic marked "SOLVED," but having skimmed the conversation I see that it is not.

Count me as another vendor losing tons of money due to this missing, critical feature. I guess the kickbacks on those 3rd party apps constitute a healthy revenue stream -- too much, apparently, to fix this glaring shortcoming in the core app.

FYI to all: so far as I can tell, BigCommerce has offered dimensional weight support for over six years! I'm not affiliated with them, not even a customer ... yet.

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This has not been solved! It's still a big problem!

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This is indeed a critical problem. While some of our products can literally be shipped in an envelope, others exceed the 108" maximum length for parcel service and have be shipped with freight service which is a completely different calculation. We need proper shipping calculations!

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Hi Nicolas,

I understand how frustrating that can be. Those are two extremes of rate calculation and with the default package option in Shopify, this is nowhere working for you!

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No product dimensions and shipping calc is a glaring functionality gap. I've reviewed the list of shipping apps you suggested and the product reviews wouldn't inspire confidence, and neither is it easy to identify which app would bridge the gap.

Please advise what is your plan and timeframe to build this essentially functionality into the system.

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He cant respond with a plan or time frame because they simply do not have one. they have realized that just saying "We will let our team know" is enough to make people feel heard they clearly dont care about fixing this issue or it would have been fixed years ago. It would honestly probably take shopify all of a month to fix this problem. Clearly there's some benefit to them making you buy third party apps for it.

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We just became live on Shopify today!! I just ran into this issue today after seeing shipping cost extremely low for orders that have items, 17lbs but are 42"x30"x4" in dimensions. Customers were billed shipping of $8 because the one and only one default box was used for an oversized package that would had costed $38 due to dimensions. Even Network Solutions 16 year old shopping system supports dimensional shipping. So disappointed to find one lacking feature after another, we have been installing a new APP(patch/work around, they are because the APPs are usually half baked of expected features) after another....

Extremely concerning start.


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@sfDisplay Yes, I agree.  I went online in late 2019 with a free template but just paid $180 for a new and better template.  I have my Etsy shop linked to my Shopify shop, but few of my orders have been through Shopify so far, so I haven't really come across this issue yet.  It's just unbelievable that this is an issue.  Etsy has had this sort of option since I started with them in 2015.  It's just ridiculous.  I guess it'll never be addressed on here.