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please no APP, that is their workaround....constantly, it needs to be a
native feature
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I sent the below message again to Shopify and Roziel Amor a Shopify Guru said he would turn it in as an escalated ticket to be reviewed and will let me know what happens.  I’ve heard this before.  The only thing I know to do it flood them with request so they will listen.  

“There are 100’s of request in the community forum (Shipping - Calculated Rates - Dimensional Weight) for the option of dimensions and weight to be added for each products sold to eliminate erroneous shipping charges for Shopify’s customers. Please turn this in and ask for it to be reviewed. Paying additional cost for third party apps is not possible for many of Shopify’s customers nor do we want the hassle of dealing with another party outside of our Shopify program. This is an issue where many customers are considering moving to other e-commerce companies who can provide this service within the packages they currently buy. Ebay offers this service and it works wel. For my EBay store, I enter the weight and dimension as when adding a new item to my store and I NEVER have erroneous shipping charges, thus I’m not out any additional money. Please give this request to appropriate group and make hundreds of your subscribers happy! Thank you”


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Could one of you please remove the "Solved" check box from this thred? It has been quite vocally noted that the provided solution is not accepted or wanted by the customers.


Hey everyone,

I know this isn't the answer you guys are hoping for, but Shopify will very likely not be adding dimensions to their platform in the near future. As the developer of checkout shipping apps, they are incredibly expensive to build and cost even more to operate, especially dimensional shipping algorithms. At Shopify's scale, their checkout couldn't handle it without increasing the cost of everyone's plan prices to increase server infrastructure, so they choose to have developers specialize in the area so only merchants who use the feature pay for it. 

My parents are small makers and a common topic at family dinners is shipping costs (yes, I feel bad for other family at the table not in the indsutry lol) and how awful it is to lose money because they can't charge an accurate shipping price. Unfortunately, they also use Etsy which has limitations as well so they mimic their Etsy setup in their Shopify store. This leads to them sometimes spending hours handmaking an item only to realize it's shipping to the middle of nowhere and they end up losing money on the order. It sucks and I don't want this to be the reality of merchants. 

Because of this, we made a standalone app of our dimensional shipping algorithm, SmartBoxing. This is one of the most-loved features of Intuitive Shipping and I drove the build of it with our team to support merchants just like my parents. I also fought hard to make the entry point $9.99/mo for 100 orders, which we barely break even on (account management and server infrastructure is expensive). 

If anyone is open to using a third-party app to stem the bleed of inaccurate shipping costs, I encourage you to try out Smart Boxing. We are free to install and configure and also offer a 14-day live trial in your store so you can take it for a true test drive to see the value it provides. 


Warm regards,



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