Shipping - Calculated Rates - Dimensional Weight

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I just want to make sure this keeps up on the top of the list of things that need to be addressed....Shopify, are you listening?!

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I am going to chime in on this as well.   Shopify, please categorize this request as a high priority.  With the pandemic, most merchants have moved to shipping.  Can't you just simply add the packaging dimensions for each product and use this as a guide to select the shipping boxes?   

I just had a client place an order and because of the current approach, I'm losing $11 in shipping.  $11! So the only way I can resolve this 2 ways: 1) eat the cost or 2) To contact my clients and apologize for the gap in shipping fee and charge them.   

While we're at it, can you allow us the flexibility to create a limit on the number of items that can be packed in a shipping box?  Some of us deal with fragile items and need a lot of packaging material to ensure that products arrive safely. Thanks!!


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This is always a big deal for us during the holidays, when we ship gift
baskets. We have to bulk up the product weight to compensate, but that's
a rather inaccurate hack.

Hiya Charlotte! It's a pleasure to see you chime in!

Dancing Lion Chocolate

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Hello. I am also negatively impacted by this. There is a large difference between shipping a onesie and a thermos or a coffee mug. Shopify is such a smart platform, it makes no sense that this is not offered. Even Etsy allows me to set default packages for my items. 

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Yes, this has been a long-time Shopify issue.  They have marked this as a "solved" issue in the community forum, when it is not.  Third Party app's should not be the only option for their customers!  I've turned in several help tickets asking for it to be given priority with the development team as its a huge issue for so many Shopify users and I've been told they are aware and are working on it.  It's definitely frustrating.  Best wishes.

20 0 5 needs calculated rated based on dimensional weight!

7 0 8 is in strong need of functional dimensional shipping.

The third party apps are NOT easy, NOT affordable for small businesses already paying for a what should be a fully functional cart. I've installed and worked with three of the third-party apps, most recently Multi Carrier Shipping Labels for over four months, and am still unable to have it function correctly to calculate correct shipping options for customers or the store owner.

As has been stated by many forum members, marking this request as RESOLVED is not well-planned. This issue is far from resolved. If I would have realized the extent of this problem when doing my initial research, I would have steered my client away from Shopify.

I know the energy behind this thread is mostly, "Shopify needs to fix this missing element," but has anyone successfully installed a third-party app that is relatively affordable and WORKS for calculating correct shipping? If so, I'd appreciate a link to that store and app.

Thank you.

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4k Plus items on our store, installing one of those apps is automatically
more difficult due to that alone.
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Yea I feel you I have over 14k items on mine. Shopify is a joke when it comes to this kind of thing.

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Those apps suck. Please add this natively already. With as many users as you guys have there is no good reason to not just add these features.