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Hello  I am new to Shopify and I am in the process of building out our store.   We have been in the ecommerce business before as we ship fresh Chesapeake Bay Seafood.   A lot of our customers buy for an occaision or future event.  So far I have done the following in our store.

  1. Paid extra 20.00 a month to get real time rates from FedEx.
  2. Enable Date Picker through an article I found  on Support Docs.
  3. Enable Shipping Rate Estimator on Checkout Page

All of this is great but still does not achieve what I would like to do.  Is it possible to have a real live date/calendar picker that works with the shipping module.   So for example we would never have a shipment arrive on a Monday (because we dont let seafood sit in FedEx Warehouse).   So from a calendar aspect Monday would always be unavailable but if a customer came to our site and wanted the product on Thursday and it was a Monday the day he was shopping then it would return the rates and shipping options availble.   We never do anything slower than 2day so for the above example.  The system would return FedEx Standard Overnight and FedEx2 Day and if the shipping zip code was within 1 Day FedEx Ground it would return the FedEx Ground service fee.  

I know I could use a flat fee for shipping but we have a lot of customers in the Virginia, Maryland, DC and Deleware area that take advantage of Ground Shipping at a reasonable price and it deliver the next day.  


Does anyone suggest a really good app that does this.


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Hi Rick,

Mike, Amanda, Eleni and Chris from the Shopify Guru team here.

What a great business idea! There is a way you can accomplish this within your shipping set-up with some coding.

Here’s a great document and blog post that goes through the set-up and what is needed - keep in mind you will need to edit your HTML/CSS coding and will want to be comfortable with making these changes.

As for location shipping, you can set-up location specific shipping right within your shipping settings in Admin, here’s a doc that explains how to do so with instructions.

If you think of anything else, don't hesitate to get in touch! Remember, we’re available 24/7!


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Hey Rick,

Go to the Shopify store Island Creek and pretend to purchase a seafood item, all the way until you reach the payment area of the final checkout page. 

Is that the experience you are seeking?  If so, send an email to and someone will respond.

Btw, it's done via a special app (a Private App), custom made for them.

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To summarise this, the requirement was the following :

- an app that can show FedEx 2 day or Overnight shipping from Monday to Wednesday. If anyone tries to place order on Thursday, then only show Overnight and remove the rest. Finally, no rates to be shown for Friday(or do you want to show them with a delivery showing as Tuesday)?

- delivery time adjusted accordingly

It seems quite an interesting requirement and some customisation would be required for this. You can approach the team of Multi Carrier Shipping label app team who can definitely figure this out for you.

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