Shipping Cost solution for universal-order base fee, per pound fee, & shipping zone fee.

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PLEASE HELP ME. I have a website (here) ( if it's not working).

Our problem is that we want to create shipping zones (all continental US states spread through seven zones) where that all orders have a shipping cost of ... 

  • $6 base fee + $0.55 per pound + a per-zone shipping fee.  

For example, Mary lives in zone three. 

  • If Mary orders two six-packs (1 lb each) of margarita capsules, she would pay: 
    • $6 + 2( 1lb x $0.55) + $0.43 = $7.53
  • If Mary orders two 36-packs (5 lb each) of margarita capsules, she would pay: 
    • $6 + 2(5lb x $0.55) + $0.43 = $11.93

We can't seem to find a solution for an app that allows us to do all these things.


All the apps we've found have offered similar solutions, but they're based on adding additional products to the cart. Our products have different variants with different weights (6 pack weighs X, while 36 pack weighs Y), so it can't be product-based. Which makes the second element of our desired build impossible. 


Does anyone have any solution for this? It's driving our team crazy. PLEASE HELP ME. 



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Hey there!


Our app Intuitive Shipping can definitely handle this type of calculation for you.  You can set up a three-part shipping calculation using a combination of our weight-based table rates, with a handling charge.  Shipping methods are created per Shipping Zone as well.


For example, if you added created a shipping method with the following setup, it would achieve what you're looking for:


Calculate Shipping Based On:  Combined Weight

Shipping Costs > [Add] > Up To: ~, Cost: 0.55, Per Unit: 1

Handling Fee: 6.43


If you have any questions, we have an extensive Help Center that walks you through how to Create A Shipping Scenario, and how to Create A Custom Shipping Method which will be good starting points.


If you have any questions let me know!

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Hello @RF2014,

Our shipping solution pulls in every variant sku created on the item and allows you to set item level flat rate plus any markup based on handling charges specific to that item or option.  We also have table based rules that can be set per zone (states or zip code range) each zone would have its own unique shipping rule for the items, making it the perfect fit for your scenario.  lets discuss in more detail. 

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ShipperHQ can help! In ShipperHQ you can set rules based on all kinds of criteria, including geography and weight. So in ShipperHQ you would define your shipping zones, then set rules with whatever rate thresholds and additional fees or surcharges that you want. No complicated rate tables needed.


We offer a 30-day free trial so you can test everything out and see how it works for you!