Shipping Costs adjustment on multiple print of demand products

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Dear Community, 

I would like to set up the shipping cost at my website. I have 3 different shipping locations (2 different print on demand suppliers Printify, Printful and my own office) and I would like to offer my customers a fixed shipping costs for all products (independent of my suppliers). Unfortunately each one of these locations try to charge a rate, as the systems sees it as multiple locations and the shipping rates are being added for each location. For example: Fix shipping costs for my customer should be 3,90 Euro. The shipping costs for products (different print on demand suppliers) always added its shipping costs for each location and unfortunately my customers need to pay for shipping 11,70 Euros (worst scenario, if customer choice products from my 3 different locations, the customer pays 3,90 Euro *3 locations =11,70 Euro)

I already found this solution (community chat)solving the problem via an app - is there another approach (free) available?
How can I manage this problem?

Thank you :-)
Best, Luisa