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We sell some flammable liquids. I have spoken to our freight provider (Shippit) and they have the ability to flag a good as dangerous so it quotes the appropriate freight charge. Howver there doesnt seem to be a way in Shopify for this to be done?

According to Shippit:

The value needs to be passed in product_attributes -> dangerous_goods_code. 

But they tell me dangerous_goods_text  and dangerous_goods_code arent supported by Shopify?

Does anyone have a solution to this? I'm getting orders regularly that we lose money on freight due to quoting incorrectly. Happy to change shipping apps if necessary.


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The closest things to that are line item properties which are like notes on an  per item basis in an order.

And cart attributes, but there are no specifically labeled fields for dangerous_goods_code.


You'd need to confirm with that  freight provider if they can consume those fields on an order.


If your familar with liquid code you can try doing a test with either of those above options using the following tool to make the html

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Thanks Paul,


I've asked Shippit if they can use this information. I'll post the results back on here. 

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Hey @Poida,

It sounds like what you need is for your customer-facing rates at checkout to match what your merchant-facing rates during fulfillment are. Since Shippit is primarily for fulfillment, you need a solution for your customer-facing side. Intuitive Shipping is a great fit for this, and we have a lot of merchants who use us to charge accurately for flammable/hazardous goods since they have such different shipping costs than 'regular' items. 

If you would like to learn more, you can book a demo with our team and they can show you how to configure this in the app. We also have a free 14-day trial so you can take it for a test drive. 


Warm regards,

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