Shipping Distance Calculator & Tip The Driver App

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If you deliver your own products, shopify may be limited.


We are working on a new app that allows you to

1. Calculate shipping by distance from a location.

2. Add base rates for shipping.

3. Add Multiple options such as speed of delivery, or merchandised services.

4. Tip the driver through the website.

5. Custom collection base rate or distance fee.

6. Shipping by weight base rate or distance fee.


If you have any needs for your business due to limited flexibility on the self delivery side, please post it up here, and we will try to integrate it into what we are doing in this application. Let us know what you think! 

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Is this app live? We need this for our self delivery Shopify website.
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Hey @ShantyT1,


Our app Intuitive Shipping can handle the above requirements, with the exception of tipping the driver.  You can set up custom distance-based rates, as well as get very granular using our robust conditions system that allows you to choose which shipping methods should appear based on time of day, day of the week, products in the cart or customer data such as tags, etc.


The app is free to install and play around, so you can see if it will work for you before having to commit to any billing.


If you have any questions let me know.







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Hi @ShantyT1 et al,


My team and I recently created TipGenius, a simple tipping pop-up app for your Shopify store checkout and we are the Staff Pick this week!


With TipGenius, when a customer clicks your checkout button, a pop-up window gently asks if they would like to add a tip.


The call-to-action and tip amounts are customizable. If your customer has already added a tip they will not be prompted again.


With TipGenius, your customers can...


  • Tip delivery staff
  • Thank the folks behind the scenes
  • Help with Covid-19
  • Show you they care

Check it out at