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I have a client who ships items that sometimes large dimensions and larger weight that needs to ship frieght. Can I can product dimensions within Shopify. I'm testing netparcel but this just seems to work if an order would come in and then the client would have to enter the dim. and weight into the netparcel platform. Can all of this be integrated with the shipping and product details within Shopify so that everything is calcuated automatcially? 



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Yes Ollie. It is indeed something you can customize. Every shop is eligible for the Carrier Shipping API. With that, you can receive each checkout a customer makes at an App. Inside that App you can calculate the shipping rates with deadly accuracy. The App then returns the correct freight rates to the customer. You can try Apps in the App store that purport to provide this, and if that fails, build out your own. 

I just hooked up a customer shipping everything from soup to nuts (and very heavy stoves and refrigerators) and they are now presenting very accurate and sane rates from both FedEx for the small things, to their own freight forwarder rates. We inserted a custom App developed exactly to meet their needs, since no App in the App store could come close to what they needed.


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Hello @Ollie_Danner,


I hope your client ships via FedEx. If so, you can check out the FedEx Rates, Labels and Tracking app.


You can use the app to easily handle the FedEx freight by enabling the freight option (see the image below). In the app, you can enter the weight & dimensions of the product you are shipping and you can configure custom boxes as well. With these values, the app automatically selects the box and calculates the rates as well. 


Along with this, the app also helps in printing labels in bulk, schedule pickup and also the FedEx tracking.


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Since Freight API is different than the normal FedEx API, you need to use an app that can get you the rates for freight. However, a few things you will need to be cautious about : 

- Make sure that for the first few orders, you test out and compare the rates that comes out from your app and the actual rate which is shown on FedEx website. If you provide the dimensions and weight properly, there is no cause for worry.

- Secondly, make sure to check if the solution is packing the products in how many boxes. The more the number of packages, the larger the different in rates.

With these points in mind, you can use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app that can help you with freight rates. Hope i was able to clarify this.