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Hello, I have a new business based in the UK. I plan to keep stock and send out from home. I need to be able to print labels for the parcels, upto 50 a day.

The shopify apps all seem to be US focused, in terms of their links to shippers.

Is there an app that I can print multiple labels easily and connect to UK shipping? Is anyone else UK based and doing/using a label or shipping service they would recommend?

All advice is greatly received.

thank you

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Hi Emma, looks like Veeqo offers Royal Mail and UK Mail bulk shipping label printing :) ;

Postmen is a free option, as it's in Beta testing:

Hope that helps!


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Thank you thats really helpful. Emma

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Hi Emma,

I know this may be a bit late, but I thought I would add my 2 cents worth! We've recently released a UK Royal Mail (and worldwide) Shipping Label and Pick List app for Shopify. 

Feel free to check it out and see if it helps, it seems like exactly the thing you may be after (bulk shipment booking & label printing). It's also much cheaper than Veeqo.

We're currently under Beta test, but our current users are having no issues at all so far :) 



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I hope that my answer can still be useful. I can see that other users suggest some software solutions, but none of them is really cost-effective. My advice is to use cheaper software that has all the necessary integrations with different shipping carriers in the UK.

My option is Multiorders software, which costs from $29 per month. Also, all users can fulfil their first 150 orders for free. Despite, which pricing plan you choose it includes all the possible features.

It works really simple, all you have to do is connect your Shopify store (there is a possibility to integrate other sales channels) and manage your orders through Multiorders. As soon as you, receive an order, simply click on your preferred shipping carrier’s logo. Then, you will get labels printed in seconds and the system will auto-update your order status and tracking numbers. Also, you can choose your label’s type and size, for example, there is an option to print more than one label on the same sheet.

This software solution integrates with the biggest UK and US shipping companies, such as RoyalMail, DPD, UPS, FedEx, Parcel2Go, USPS, etc.