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I'm just starting up with Dropshipping.

One of the Country I plan to droship is to New Zealand.


I know ePacket is always recommended, but somehow for Shipping to New Zaland, it stated that it takes 20-40 days with ePacket.  While it states that it only takes 13-20 days with AliExpress Standard Shipping; and only takes 24-25 days with China Post Registered Airmail.


Looking at the duration stated, I would choose AliExpress Standard Shipping or China Post Registered Airmail.  But, reviewing the resources, it always recommended to use ePacket.  


On researching, there have been different information and feedback on this.   Some said recently, ePacket has been getting slower compare to China Post Registered Airmail .  Some say, the actual Shipping time with ePacket, would actually be much quicker than stated. 


The Suppliers I contacted have all said they can give me Order Tracking Numbers regardless whether I choose ePacket, AliExpress Standard Delivery, or China Post Registered Airmail.


In ePacket information, it is also mentioned that ePacket provide Door-to-door Tracking Number.  Is this means the Tracking Number with the other Shipping Methods (AliExpress Std Shippind and China Post Registered Airrmail) are not door-to-door Tracking?


Has anyone encounter similar issue?  Even if the Shipping Time stated is much longer, should we still choose ePacket? 


Would really appreciate some feedback on this.



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I suggest you try 2 to 3 shipping methods if you dropshipping from China. The first one is ePacket, it has tracking record from China to NZ compared to Aliexpress standard shipping. Air mail has the worest user experience unless you sell very cheap products under $15 and 100g.


Another way is the China New Zealand direct line it takes 5 to 9 days for package shipping from China to New Zealand, it is slightly expensive than ePacket but more stable and faster;


If you dropship expensive products from China to New Zealand, for example, all the products sold above $40, then you can think about courier like dhl, which takes 3 to 5 days delivery. 


No matter which way you are dropshipping it should based on the products you sold and the shipping cost as well as your profit margin.

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Hi 86business,


Thanks for your help.


When you mentioned China New Zealand Direct Line with 5-9 days, is it an independent Shipping Method that is not listed in AliExpress?


Thanks again :)



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Hi @Adeline! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I can confirm from many inquiries I've answered and feedback I've checked that the e-packet delivery on AliExpress can indeed take a long time to ship items. Given this, have you considered using an alternative platform for your dropshipping business? Might I suggest Spocket?


Since you're dropshipping to New Zealand, I'd recommend looking for suppliers based in New Zealand or surrounding countries like Australia. On Spocket, besides the many EU and US suppliers that are on the platform (which still have shorter delivery times if you plan to source out from suppliers from these regions to New Zealand) there are also a number of suppliers based in New Zealand and Australia, which can ship items in as fast as 4-7 days. That being said there might be alternatives of the products you're sourcing out from on AliExpress that are available on Spocket, which come from NZ and AU suppliers.




There are plenty of other items from NZ and AU suppliers like the one above, which you can find on our catalog - you just have to set the "Ships to" filter to New Zealand.




Of course, to access the catalog, you'd only have to sign-up for free - which you can do by visiting Spocket's official website.


Hope this helps and also hoping you get the chance to check us out!

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Hi Gabby,


Thanks for the reply.


I'll check this out.