Shipping Options - change order they are displayed

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You would hope someone at Shopify is paying attention.

Turns out a Shopify Expert might be able to solve our issue, so hopefully that is the case.

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Any news about this feature being implemented? 

I have seen this request from 2014 in forum and gave up myself few years ago. Really wondering why shopify didn't put that after 6 years of people asking. 

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We also have this order. Almost daily I'm contacting customers to see if they really are picking up their packages. I've warned off others looking to choose Shopify until they get this figured out. We too would like it fixed before we opt for another provider soon.

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+1 for this enhancement

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I also need this option. Customers are continually selecting the free option when they want the paid shipping option.

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What conditions do you have to permit free shipping? Consider this when looking at two options: Free local delivery; click and collect.

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I am a Shopify Developer and I have solution for reorder shipping option as make free pickup option not selected by default.

Example store:

Please try to reach checkout->shipping to see result.

Contact me on:

Skype: thanhbzo

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Im just checking if there is any solution to this issue? I do offer Click&Collect so we have free shipping option. However some customers don't put much attention and when going via express checkout they dont check the shipping. I have to hunt them down later on for the shipping costs (we have more local pickups than the missed shipping cases). Is there any way to sort this issue? I see it goes back to 2013 at least so thought someone might have actually look into in.




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Still not solved.
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It's incredible that Shopify still don't offer the ability to re-order the shipping rates.... seems such a simple thing! I'm using a different workaround ( which I don't think has been mentioned ) which also isn't ideal but works for me and might for others in certain cases.... essentially I add ( or create ) a variant of each product called "Delivery" and set it as "Courier" or "Collection from <wherever>" Since variants CAN be ordered how you like, the default is just set to Courier. This also gets around the various issues with Shopify's local pickup option ( not being able to use PayPal etc etc ) because you select delivery at the add to cart stage rather than later, and you just add those variants to the appropriate shipping policy ( which is free. )

It's a pain having to duplicate all products you want to make collectable like this, but not too bad, and a programmer could probably create them automatically using the API ( not looked into that because we only have a few such products. )