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Lets say I got an order and it was something from amazon. Now lets say it didn't meet the requirements for epacket, so it had to be shipped in a box. So knowing that amazon puts their logo and name on the box, would I lose a customer knowing that they are going to get the box knowing that they bought it from my store but coming to the realization that it really came from amazon. So then they are going realize that the could have bought the item from amazon for a cheaper price.
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This is an accepted solution.

That will not always be the case. I buy from a store whose fulfillment center is Amazon. It comes shipped in an Amazon box. However, Amazon doesn't always discount the products from that store. The store itself has its own discounts and early release deep discounts. If amazon puts up their items on the daily deal, Amazon has them cheaper. Otherwise, they are cheaper from the store.


The only time someone will buy directly from amazon is if the price is way cheaper or if they get free shipping (prime) versus the total cart amount at your store.


It will all depend on how you price your items in store to make people come to you more, as well as the customer service support that they will get. Membership rewards will also encourage them to buy from you since it means they get points which = to more discounts.


Having the Amazon box itself isn't bad, it just makes people thing that they will get their product faster. Since Amazon is known for shipping speed.