Shipping Price Different than Customer Paid

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Hello, I had a customer purchase an item about 5 days ago. The store is setup so that the customer pays for their shipping beforehand. When I went to create the shipping label for this order, I discovered that the customer paid a different rate than was available (even after adjusting the weight of the package). Normally, when someone orders something & pays for shipping everything matches their preferred carrier/rate. Is there a way that I can manually adjust the rate for this shipping or will I have to pay the difference? 

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Hi @RebelEngine1 

Currently, the shipping carriers are in the process of implementing Holiday shipping rate increases. It may be that the customer made the purchase before the rates increased, but you are now fulfilling the order after the increases went into effect.

You will have to pay whatever the rate is for the correct package weight & size you are using to ship. You can't force it to give you a lower rate without risking having the package held up at the carrier or getting back-charged the difference (and possibly more).