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We have moved 2 of our websites over from Magento this month and I am working on moving the 3rd website over now.  However, we have a little more customization on this store.  I need help creating a shipping profile based on selected product quantity.  We currently use table rates at 5 quantity levels.  I am not able to use "based on item weight" as these products are shipped bulk and weight is not accurate.  The option "based on order price" does not work for us, as we also have tier pricing based on total quantity ordered and the levels cross over in pricing.  I just need a one-time purchase solution, as these rates are our own set rates and not calculated by the shipping provider.  I don't need an on-going subscription solution.  Is there a way to edit the code so that it will process our current table rates?  


Ex:  Qty 10-499 - $13.25; Qty 500-999 - $16.25 , etc.


If I don't get a solution to this issue, we will have to move our website to another ecommerce solution.


Thank you.

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Hello @watsongroup,

We offer a solution on the Magento platform for tiered based shipping - I will review the one time solution request and provide an update.  If you wanted to review the solution, please check Advanced Shipping Manager for Magento