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The new Shipping Profiles feature announced at Unite 2019 will be a game changer for a lot of merchants using Shopify.  After testing out some of the functionality, I've noticed a few things that the Shopify dev team may already be aware of, but I thought I would pass them along just in case.




Shipping Profiles Product Picker Filtering

Adding the ability to filter products in the product picker when adding products to the shipping profile will allow merchants to quickly add all products of a certain type or products that belong to a certain vendor.

Intuitive-Shipping-Developer-Preview-Settings-Shopify-Product-Picker.pngShipping Profile Product Picker




Shipping Profile Products

After saving a shipping profile and returning to the Shipping page, the profile displays the count for the number of products that belong to that profile.

Intuitive-Shipping-Developer-Preview-Settings-Shopify.pngShipping Settings Page

However, when you edit the shipping profile, the profile settings page shows no products.

Intuitive-Shipping-Developer-Preview-Settings-Shopify-Profile.pngShipping Profile Settings Page





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Hi @Joel-Reeds ,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and interest.


This has been fixed already but not in the `developer preview` that was shipped for Unite.

For unite we where really focused on the API so that partner could give us feedback before the 2019-07 release.
The UI was in alpha as we experiment with the API first approach.

Thanks a lot for you passion and interest for everything shipping as well as for the great conversation at Unite.

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