Shipping Profiles - help!

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Hey guys


Right, here we go...


I'm currently in the process of building my store - which is based in the UK. I have 200 products on the site which all have the same 5 product variants - so for example each product has a variant option of a, b, c, d and e


So this is how I want my shipping profile to work.


UK orders will be a flat rate of £3.95 if a user orders any product with the variant of a, b or c - even if they order 100 of a variant, they will still be charged £3.95


Any UK order where the user orders a product with the variant of d or e will be charged at £7.95 - again even if they order multiple


International orders will be charged at £6.99 no matter whether the order contains a, b, c, d or e - this option will be for standard international shipping


If international orders are wanting the orders to be tracked then the cost for shipping will be £9.99 - again this is the same if they order a, b, c, d or e


So as you can see, I am wanting there to be two different options for the UK for shipping, one for a, b, c variants - and one for d and e variants. I am also wanting two different shipping options for international orders - one standard and one tracked - all variants available in both shipping options.


So my uestion is, how do I do this?! I have tried creating multiple shipping profiles but each product can only belong to one shipping profile.


I have tried creating one shipping profile with each shipping zone and rate listed where it is needed, but this is then presenting - for example - a uk user with two different options for shipping when I want it to automatically determine which one will be used depending on the product variant they are purchasing (otherwise a uk user will be able to choose the cheaper shipping option (£3.95) even when they order a variant of the d and e (which needs to be £7.95)


I have tried using the weight of products for this too but this is faaaaaaaar too time consuming doing it this way as each product will need a weight adding one by one (and in each variant too). This also won't be a feasible option as I will be using a UK shipping service where the weight of the product will be on the labels when collected.


Please help!


Mr F