Shipping Profiles

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Hi, I've been scouring the community and haven't found an answer to my specific question. 


I've got some products in my shop that are available in Canada and some that are. All are available in the US. I set up a new shipping profile and created two zones -- Canada and US (this one mimics the general US shipping so people can still buy these products in the US).


However, now when someone from the US purchases a product or products that are available in Canada and one that isn't available in Canada, the shipping rates from the two profiles are being combined. So let's say someone buys a pair of shorts that are only available in the US and a shirt that's available in both countries, instead of paying $15 for shipping, they are being charged $30. 


As you can imagine, this creates a lot of friction and I'm losing people at the cart. I just discovered this was happening.


Is there a way around this without paying for another $30 external app?