Shipping Rates / Plan - Dropshipping and Inventory - What to Do???

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I am an artist just building my shop right now and trying to figure out the best solution for shipping. I am still getting to know Shopify.

I will have a combination of products: original artwork, items I printed locally and have inventory for, and print-on-demand.

The print-on-demand will be dropshipped and I have a couple of suppliers I am working with. I am based in Europe but from the USA - my small audience is from both areas, so I chose suppliers that have fulfillment centers in both regions to keep shipping costs down.

However, some items will have inventory because I made them myself. At the moment I can only offer to ship these within Europe/UK since it is prohibitively expensive to send anything to the US during Covid-19.

I am trying to figure out the best solution for shipping, because I am using a couple of suppliers each with different rates per item (in some cases the shipping costs more than the product), and I myself would also ship some items directly. I want to keep it fairly simple and straightforward for the customer but from my side it is not straightforward because the products aren't in one place and neither are my audience. What is best here? Free standard shipping with cost bundled into price, or maybe tiered shipping by product category and location?