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Hello, I have a question:
Is it possible for the customers to SELECT a shipping method they would like to use?
I'd like to insert two different shipping rates: one with tracking, and one without tracking. The customer will select his preference at the checkout.
The two "types" of shipping rates profiles should have different price for every rank of weight and shipping Zone.
So in the end I'll have:
A) Shipping With Tracking (selectable from Client)
  • (Automatically generated based on the weight of the products:)
  • Option A1 
  • Option A2
  • Option A3..
B) Shipping Without Tracking (selectable from Client)
  • (Automatically generated based on the weight of the products:)
  • Option B1 
  • Option B2
  • Option B3..

Thank you in advance for anyone who could help.

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You can create shipping profiles for each of the options you want. However you will need to add weight for each of the main profiles (tracking, non-tracking) you want, one by one


Hope this helps

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Hello thanks for your reply.

Unluckily, creating shipping profiles only works to a certain group of products that you want to ship with a specific different rate.

A customer can't select the shipping profile rate (also, when you try to create a new profile, it clearly says "customers won't see these information").


I was talking about creating two shipping methods (one WITH and one WITHOUT tracking) with the different rates inside based on the shipping zone.

A client that want to buy a certain product will select at the checkout "shipping options with tracking" or "shipping option without tracking". 

Hope I was more clear, thank you!