Shipping Settings for a supplier who has lots of different methods

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Hello i sell 1 product but my supplier use many warehouses in different countries/prices/couriers

If i send to UK from china with china registered air mail its 20-40 days  but from Spain its a lot less days but the the shipping is different,



There are warehouses that charge you a lot for faster delivery:


i prefer to use free shipping


My questions are:


  • If i dont touch shipping setting will my website have the same shipping methods and prices from the supplier?
  • if i put free shipping and my customer choose  EMS for faster delivery will it charge him extra 17,30 ? Or i will have to pay since i put free shipping?
  • If yes then can i have on my website only 2 or 3 shipping carriers? which are cheaper?
  • Can my customer track the orders if he order with "Sellers Shipping Options"? 

Thats the last step i need to open my website

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Hi @b1l4r4s! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


First of all congrats on building your store! I wish you nothing but the best once you do get to launching your store.


In terms of your concerns, I want to ask first though, what apps are installed on/connected to your store? Some apps make processing orders really easy for you so installing one might be something you'd like to consider.


Regarding your questions:

  • Yes, this is usually the case when sourcing out products to sell from a supplier. They usually set their policies on shipping and their prices when you view their products. As an example, Spocket users can view this information when doing a search on our catalog as seen below. This particular item is from a supplier in the UK and if you direct your attention to where the arrow is pointing, these are this supplier's rates and times for processing and shipping:


  • If you set free shipping, but then your customer chooses EMS among the shipping options, then yes you would have to shoulder the payment. One thing I suggest to Spocket merchants though when editing the info of the products they want to import to their site and they particularly set free shipping, is to add shipping to the retail price they set for the item/s they're interested in. 
  • This usually depends on the carriers available in the country of your supplier. On our platform, we do encourage merchants to find suppliers who are based where their intended target market are located in for faster shipping times and cheaper rates. So given your example, UK suppliers or any EU country close to the UK would be ideal.
  • For this concern, usually tracking numbers should be provided to your customers whenever they make a purchase. This allows them (you too as well a your supplier - so in case there are issues you can solve them quickly) to keep track of their order and establishes a sense of trust between you and your customers, which is important if you want to retain your customers and gather new ones. 

Hope these help and good luck with the launch of your store! And should you be interested, I invite you to explore Spocket as well. We have various suppliers coming from the EU so if your market is mainly in the UK, you'll have access to a number of suppliers based in the EU.