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I am having difficulty with shipping. It is charging my customers but then charging me as well on the back end. What should I do? 

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I'm not sure what you mean by "it is charging me on the backend", but here is the typical shipping flow:

1) Customer pays the shipping fee you set.

2) You pay the shipping company to ship the items.

Ideally the fee you charge is higher than your actual shipping fee, but you can play around with this (for example giving free shipping at a certain threshold makes sense because of the additional profit from higher product sales).

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Hey @aclassgems ,

As @JoesIdeas, the customer pays for shipping at checkout and then you pay for shipping when you print a label and ship an order.

You can set up your Shopify shipping rates following their help guides found here. Your goal is to cover 100% of your shipping costs. 


Best of luck!

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