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Is there a way to add a shipping option of UPS Collect? That way the customer could add their account number there, and not be charged a shipping fee?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hey Melissa!

Alida here from Shopify.

Great question! At present within Shopify, we don't seem to currently offer the ability to add that feature to UPS through our carrier-calculated shipping function. 

However, we do have some apps in our Apps store that may be able to help with this! :) 

Hope this helps! Thanks for reaching out. :D


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I'm new to shopify and am in the process of converting from another platform that used this shipping option and have just began to explore this but I'm hoping there is a way I can create a pickup option and re-title it collect and communicate to the customer to provide a FedEx or UPS collect number and priority method in an editable field.

(Given This method will not verify the accuracy of the customer provided collect number nor will it calculate the customer's expected freight cost, but in the past that has been sufficient for me and my B2B customers in the industrial equipment field)
Do you think re-titling this pickup option will work?